Fair or Foul?

You’ve shown some pretty savvy play during your invitation to a pro camp,for catchers - pretty savvy.

So, to wrap things up between you and a couple of other prospects, now the club wants to know how savvy you are with the rules of baseball. Seeing how your a catcher, the leader on the field, the club gives you and the others the following picture. This picture contains the home plate area, including both batter’s boxes, first and third base lines, and a selection of baseball locations, one (1) through seven (7).

You’re told that a batter has just hit a pitch and it went straight down, spun in the dirt, and came to a complete stop.

You know have to decide if the ball is fair or foul.

So, for each location, one (1), thourght seven (7), mark fair or foul.

By the way, your also told that with runners on, the score is tied, bottom of the 12th inning, this is the play that could decide the game - not to mention bounus money for all those on the roster.

(1) - fair or foul
(2) - fair or foul
(3) - fair or foul
(4) - fair or foul
(5) - fair or foul
(6) - fair or foul
(7) - fair or foul

Oh, … I forgot to tell ya … this can happen at least once in each inning for 7 innings, so if you get it wrong that’s a judgement error against your contract … it’ll only cost you … oh … about three grand each. And if your a roster player for the season … a season with at least 130 games on your list of “starts” … you should get it right for … oh … say, half of those games anyway. (heck… you can afford it … right?)

Coach B.

Perhaps this will help…

Coach B.

By the way, print this out and pass this picture around (without the answer) to the members of your club. See how many get it right.

You’d be amazed at how many players will make contact with a pitch, watch the ball spin and come to a complete stop, right where number #1, #2, #4 and #5 are, and freeze. You’d also be amazed at how many catchers will simply get up, walk out and pick up the ball and toss it back to the pitcher like it’s nothing!

I saw this happen twice in a Legion game with the score tied, bases loaded, two outs and a full count. The batter made contact, the ball landed in spot #5 - no call by the umpire, so the batter stands there, the catcher picks it up and tosses it back to the pitcher. The very next batter tries to bunt - does a terrible job, the ball hits the dirt right in front of the plate then rolls back and settles on spot # 2. Again, the batter remains in his place, the catcher gets up and tosses that ball back to the pitcher. The plate ump, saw me in my lawn chair with a smile on my face and could only shake his head and get ready for the next pitch.

It’s the little things that can make or break ya in this game. Don’t assume- know!

Coach B.