Factors that effect pitching control?


Let’s discuss the topic of improving pitching control and accuracy. You often hear people say, “just fix your mechanics and your control will improve,” but what exactly can and should pitchers be working on to improve control?

Here are a couple of factors:

  1. Good overall conditioning
  2. Good confidence
  3. Good balance and rhythm
  4. Consistent release point
  5. Landing front foot slightly closed but in line with target
  6. Starting position on the rubber


Throwing with the body and not the arm improves my control. But as I search for more velocity, my body gets lost sometimes. And vise versa, as I search to throw more with the body, I sometimes lose velocity.


I am by no means an expert, but I would add:
7. Strength/firmness/extension of landing leg.

Guys whose front leg does not firm up, or even worse, flat out collapses, tend to have control issues. They also lose a lot of velocity. Of course, this is sort of covered to some degree by Nos. 1, 4, and 5.


I wouldn’t worry too much about the velocity. You say you’re working on throwing more with your whole body—there, in a nutshell, is THE SECRET—getting your entire body involved in the pitching motion, and if you might lose a little speed you gain immeasureably in control and command of your pitches! Not a bad tradeoff, I’d say. I remember when I learned THE SECRET by watching how the Yankees’ Big Three pitchers did it, and I made a note of it and worked at it on my own, with fantastic results. So I would advise you to stick with this latter course—it’s easier on the arm as well.

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