Facing This Hitter?

Hey i am pitching tomorrow and i found a video on the internet of the other team’s best hitter who is hitting almost .500 on the season. I have yet to see him in person. So i was wondering if anyone had an idea where to pitch him by this video.

Thank you.

Long swing, I like in over the hand path and then finish him out at the knees after he adjusts. Don’t miss up and over, low and in…he’s going to have plate coverage so set him up…get him on the rocking horse…nibble and get behind and his type will hurt you in the zone.

Gotta’ love your resourcefulness.

If you listen closely, they give you one tip right in the video. The batter steps in and closes himself off making him vulnerable to inside heat. He also looks to drop his hands a bit so fastballs up may also work. Don’t forget to mix in some offspeed away.

Of course, it’s tough to make recommendations based on seeing just one swing that isn’t even in a live game.

That video is over 2 years old. He could have a completely different swing by now. Just attack with your best stuff and hit your spots. Nothing you can do if he hits good pitches, except get the next guy out.

thank you for the advice guys. after reading this, it kind of gave me confidence to not be afraid to go fastball inside to the 4th hitter when i do not have the best heat.

i ended up with the basic philosophy to attack with fastballs early in the count to get ahead and threw some nice change-ups that he hit weakly. he went 1-4 against me and we won the game and move on in the tourny.

thanks again guys.

Lol this is already resolved but in the future, treat him like any other heavy hitter should be treated. In on the hands. Cut off his power and dont let him get extended.