"Facebook" for baseball players and coaches

First off I have no affiliation with this site, except for being a member there, just like I am here.

Prior to posting this I discussed it with Roger on whether or not it would be appropriate. He told me he did not think It should be an issue.

www.checkswing.net is a website that is set up like facebook except for baseball.

It has information about camps tryout camps, leagues, instruction, community discussions, plus much more dealing with this baseball, with members ranging from little leaguers to Big League ball players all for free.

I believe this community will also grow if the members here participate there, and share this site with players who focus primarily on pitching
I myself had made reference to how valuable I think the Tuffcuff program is on that site.

I am posting this due to my passion for baseball and nothing else.



I joined that site a couple weeks ago, but I don’t really like it. I can’t really figure it out. I guess I just don’t like the layout.