Eye Exercises

Anyone have or know any eye training exercises to help with seeing the ball. I read somewhere that before last season a-rod did some of these.
Any Response is appreciated.

Stare into a candle for an hour in a dark room before every game, just like Ty Cobb did :lol: No, Im kidding but idk I have heard of some kind of contacts players wear to help pick up the ball.

I have read somewhere that Travis Hafner uses some ridiculously fast-throwing machine which throws balls at like 105+mph or something.

But that’s not all. Supposedly the balls have numbers on them and he tries to identify the numbers of that particular ball at that speed :shock:

I might not remeber everything 100% correct, but it was pretty much like that. He just stands there and picks up numbers from balls travelling at huge speed. Makes sense.

If you learn to hit or even pick numbers from balls that are travelling at 105+mph, a 85-90 mph fastball will eventually become slow to you. Atleast in theory…

just take bp :roll:

glasses will help

get some super contacts

If you have a Nintendo DS then get Flash Focus is supposed to increase Hand Eye Cordination and Perifial (sp?) Vision

When you hit BP, mark some of the baseballs with either numbers or colored circles. Don’t do them all maybe 10%, when you see a ball with the color or number call it out to see if you are right. Don’t make it too big, maybe 1".