Eye Black

Are you allowed to wear eye-black as a pitcher? Apparently, in Little League you are. I wear War Paint because it looks intimidating. Are you allowed to pitch with eye black on as you get older?

I would think so, why wouldnt you be able to? What age are you talking about? HS? Why not ask a coach or somthing. I would think you can wear it. They wear it in the MLB. There is nothing wrong, you think it might be distracting?


I think you are aloud to wear it, no reason why not. Hate to burst your bubble though, but a guy wearing eye black doesn’t intimidate anyone more than the next guy who isn’t wearing it. If anything a dominating pitcher intimidates players.

Well, wen you scare the hell out of batters like I do, the eye black looks scary.

To be honest, eye black just makes me think this in my mind exactly this way usually.
“What a douche, I’m gonna smash this guy.”

I’m not a fan of eye black on pitchers. Greg Maddux once said he never wanted to do anything that would make a hitter remember him. In other words, he didn’t want to arouse or excite hitters; he just wanted to execute his pitches like a sniper and get back to the dugout.

In my opinion, wearing eye black draws the bad kind of attention to yourself that Maddux was trying to avoid. Wear eye black and the hitters start thinking, “Who the F does this guy think he is? … I can’t wait to rip his tits when I get up there.”

Why make it harder for yourself? If the sun’s in your eyes, pull your hat down a little farther … it’ll probably help your focus, too.

To be honest, I want the hitter aroused. He sees me with my eyeblack, gets pissed, then he overswings, so Steven, I’m actually making it easier for myself.

“What a douche, I’m gonna smash this guy.”[/quote]



Pitchers can sweat like crazy during a workout on the bump. And I’ve had pitchers who tried it and the stuff doesn’t do much. Besides, the tendency to wipe the face with the hand or the back of the sleeve will smudge this stuff - even worse in your eyes.

No pitcher that I have ever coached, for or against, has used this stuff.

It’s cute for huckleberry ball, home town heroes, hot shots and other guys - pitchers … nope … all we need is ourselves … our best stuff … pure and simple.

Coach B.

Well, I guess I am a different person.

I’m gonna go with hotshot, by the way you talk but when you get older maybe some big country boy named bubba will bring you back down to earth with a moon shot :wink:

“What a douche, I’m gonna smash this guy.”[/quote]

If you think eye black is bad, what about big green triangles painted on both cheeks?

[quote]I’m gonna go with hotshot, by the way you talk [/quote] Not really, I try to be humble because I know I’m a flake.

I just don’t understand the need for eye-black as a pitcher. There isn’t one, and it really does make you look like an idiot.

He wasnt really trying to start anything he just wanted to know if it was okay to wear it when hes pitching.

It didnt really get ansewerd

Yes, you can wear eye-black when pitching. Would I advise it? No.

Well, it has never caused me any problems, and Steven, I can’t pull my cap down very low because I have glasses.

“What a douche, I’m gonna smash this guy.”[/quote]

If you think eye black is bad, what about big green triangles painted on both cheeks?[/quote]

Lol, nah I think eye black is worse.

I’ve actually thought about buying cat eye contact lenses and wearing them when I pitch just for fun. Lol, my team mates and I always try to find ways to mess with people.

Ain’t that the truth!