Extremely Off-Topic Thread


So the other day in my Astronomy class, well I think it was Astronomy but maybe it was Photography, I’m not sure which class it was because I know Astronomy is not Photography and Photography is not History so it must have been Video Production and I told someone this same story that I’m telling right now except I don’t know if I’m telling this story I could be telling another one about my dog named Daisy but I think it’s about my non-existent bird that live inside my ear. But anyways, discuss.


What are they putting in the water out there in Wyoming, Pustulio? :?

Or do you live downwind of the nuclear power plant?




Yep, I think he’s lost it Dino. Between this thread and the stupid McDonald’s video, I think he’s gone!


…this is your brain on drugs…

Dude, you’ve got a career in something there, I’m sure. :smiley:


I was at this place with my dad, well I think it was my dad, it was one of my parents, my mom is not my dad but it was whichever parent gave birth to my little sister. I forgot my offensive remark that was supposed to go here about something that I forgot when that dragon took me to neverland.

Don’t worry guys I’m only halfway crazy. This is just how I am when I’m bored. If I were full blown crazy I’d be at the state hospital just a few miles away from my place.


I have always thought I would be a good psychiatrist… but now that I have seen how far off the deep end some people are, I think I will make a different career choice. Thank you for helping me realize being a psychiatrist is not what I want to do.


Thanks for all the positive comments fellas! :roll:

It’s okay I know I’m an oddball. So, do you want a french fry?