Extreme break

i was fooling around with my forkball the other day and i threw the fork right down the middle - it dove about a foot. then the next i put slight pressure on my index finger and hooked my middle finger slightly and threw it like a fastball down the middle and a bit high - like a curveball… and i swear to god it cut in on a righthander and broke back down across the plate out of the reach of the catcher. its insane, the batter actually jumped out of the way thinking it was going to hit him and it swooped down accross out of the reach of the catcher. no idea about the pysics on that one but what you guys think?

I think you can’t really get any good feedback if you don’t give us something verifiable to chew on.

That being said, sounds like you have found the sweet spot. Hope you keep it right there!


if you watch contreras when he’s on you wont believe how much break he gets on his forkball. this pitch is really hard to get consistently though. i did fooled around with it in a bullpen session last year and threw one that broke about a foot to the right (i’m a lefty) if you throw it properly it will move this kind of way its pretty much a hard, really hard knuckler. keep practicing it it’s really an underrated pitch