Extra Innings & MLB TV

With father’s day coming up I am thinking of getting “the old man” either the Extra Innings package and or sign him up for the MLB.com stuff where you can watch every game on the computer seeing as how he is on the pc alot. If anyone has either of these and could give me some info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

do you know the prices of them both? TV would be easier to watch but it depends on how much hes on the computer and if the computer will play the movies good if its a nice computer or not. You also have to consider that if he gets extra innings he has to share the TV.

I have mlb.com and for the price it’s great. I can watch as many games as I like. The only thing is that it’s slow to switch from one game to another. I don’t have the premium where you can watch 6 games at a time.
Problems - sometimes the stream ‘hangs’ and you miss something, but they usually provide enough replays if it’s important, so that you really do get to see it eventually. Also - the picture is a little pixellated when you load it up to full screen view. Still plenty ‘viewable’ though. All in all I like it and would get it again.



I order the MLB Extra innings every year. I originally decided to so I could watch the Braves play when it wasn’t broadcast on TBS or ESPN. Turned out I’m watching a couple others almost every day. I would definately reccomend it.

mlb tv is a way better price