Extra Day Off

Don’t feel like reading all this? Go down to the bolded section in the 3rd paragraph

Ok so I was gonna pitch 3 days ago. We get to the field and everyone else is there and another game just ended. We warm up and my breaking ball moved more than normal and I thought I threw the fastball hard that day 2 (it felt like it but might not have been harder than normal, sometimes I feel like I’m throwing slower than normal and its faster) Anyway their team calls n said they sent an e-mail to us at 8 in the morning saying the game was cancelled (our coach got home and 2 days ago said he got the email at 2 in the afternoon). So 2 days ago I pitched because I didn’t get my turn to pitch 3 days ago.

Breaking ball didn’t move as much and I even tried throwing some 2seamers/sinkers/cutters or w/e (not totally sure what to call mine and after reading posts here I think I know how to throw it) I didn’t throw a lot since I never really threw them before but they seemed to move. Anyway I pitched 5 innings (run ruled them) 63 pitches 8ks 0BBs 2 hits 2unearned runs. In the 4th inning a perfect game was broken up because we have the slowest kid in the league playing SS and he covers literally 2 feet of ground (hes really big too, tall not fat) he also made 1 error that inning

Most of the time I’m told I’m gonna pitch, I do and I’m ready. That game 3 days ago I was ready and everything seemed to be working and it got cancelled :x and 2 days ago it didn’t seem to be as good (we also played a badish team final score 12-2) but I still seemed to do alright (i got a couple of kids up to 3-0 counts but I struck them out) my actual question is if you are going to pitch and you are ready and everything is working do you think one extra day of rest would be helpful and have you do better (and that 2 days ago it just seemed to be a little off for me) or would it more negatively effect you or do nothing?

Side not went 2-3 (reached on an error I hit the ball foul and it hit a rock or something and it went back fair and the kid got it and threw it over the 1st basemens head and I didn’t even leave the batters box and I was allowed to go to 2nd and stole 3rd and home wooo) 2 singles 2 rbis.

We also played on a really high mound that took a little getting use to and it took a while for me to nail my control down.