External Rotation

Are there any profesional pitchers who dont have much external rotation?To a degree, what is the least you can have and still throw 90 mph?

Wahlah…roy’s goes more off to the side, maybe that could be something that you look in to.

hmmm…thats interesting ive never looked at carlos zambranos

Another interesting thing about Carlos is that he has minimal scapular loading.

Notice how he sticks his left hip/butt way out to the side. He whips his upper half around that position (making him fall way off to the side). His arm is very quick, but not short, which I like. It goes straight back, up, and around, very simple.

Big Z in motion

Thats cool I never noticed it before. Ive always heard that those two things, scap loading and external rotation, are vital for velocity. Obviously there are a few exceptions…

what velocity ultimately boils down to is “how fast can you make your hand/fingertips go?” typically players that throw hard are able to externally rotate more than those that don’t. think about a catapult, the further you draw it back the further it launches the projectile. (more potential engergy yeilds more kinetic energy) that being said, there are some guys, a la Carlos Zambrano, that are able to generate great hand speed without it. if you notice, Zambrano has tremendous forearms. my guess is that he is really able generate a lot of hand speed with a great wrist snap because his arm speed doesn’t seem all that fast to throw 94-95 like he does. that’s just my personal opinion.

Its interesting that you mention his forearm, because during his career he has left games (mid game) because of cramps and tightness IN the forearm. However, he does have good separation between his hips and shoulders which attributes to his powerful combination of pitching AND hitting.

So do you guys think that pitchers should try to increase external rotation

Not necessarily. There are a lot of factors within arm action and motion that attribute to the degree of ER. For me, I’ve tried to increase, so to speak, my scapular loading. I don’t think it’s smart to force either one when pitching though. Like Carlos, and most pitchers, it’s the hip/shoulder separation that really makes up velocity.

Zambrano’s scap loading isn’t that excessive, which is good.

His external rotation is pretty standard. His forearm lays back to nearly horizontal.

People who focus on ER are confusing cause and effect.

My physical therapist said that the normal external rotation of a professional pitcher is 155 to 160 degrees. Do you agree?

it’s closer to 180 degrees.

Between 170 and 180 is probably normal.

The max I’ve ever seen was Billy Wagner at 200ish degrees.

What do you think Carlos Zambrano’s external rotation is (in degrees).

Chris can you clarify what you meant by confusing cause and effect?

That ER is really just an effect of the massive forces at play and there is not much we can do about it.

180 degrees of external rotation just standing still and stretching it backward?

That ER is really just an effect of the massive forces at play and there is not much we can do about it.[/quote]