External rotation preventing me from keeping the ball low

on the mound, i feel like the more i lead with my pitching elbow in the high cocked position, the more whip and external rotation I have during the delivery. With this though, I have trouble keeping the ball low in the zone. what are some ways to correct this? I realize I could limit my external rotation but thats not a very effective way of performing as a pitcher.

Without a video it is hard to say what the problem is. So here are a couple of things to try. You may be rushing. Try and lead with the forward hip in order to keep your weight back. Also make sure you are getting your arm up
early. Try to release the ball more out in front and get your chest over your lead leg.

yea cause when you are late getting your arm up, it rushes to catch up. Hence the term “rushing”

Get your arm up in time with foot strike and you will be able to keep the ball down. But their are other things that can be the cause of a high pitch not just rushing.

Examples are: release point, stride direction, stride length…

Tonyjh34 mentioned release point, and this is something you would do well to check out. When your release point is too early, the pitch is likely to be low; conversely, when you release the ball too late the pitch is going to be high. One thing you need to remember is to throw every pitch, regardless of what it is, with the same motion as you do your fast ball—no sense telegraphing your pitches! Also, he mentioned your stride—you might want to check that also. 8)