This post has to do with extension out in front and away from the body.

In my off-season I’m a pitching instructor and I have a couple of kids that are having a very difficult time “pushing” the baseball. I’m not sure if their’s some injury here or if there is a flawed technique but to me everything else mechanically looks fairly good. It’s obvious that through release their elbow is dropping and their hand never gets on top of the baseball. It was always clear to me that I like to keep my elbow up while my hand gets extension, but again, to me this is second nature. Are there any drills that I can do to help these kids out? Thanks guys.

You mean they are having a hard time not “pushing” the baseball? If the elbow is below the shoulder, that can be refered to as pushing. That isn’t good.

Where in the motion are their hands not on top of the ball? The hand should be on top of the ball until your arm moves into external rotation. (Also known as the “whip.”)

Could you post their mechanics on here?

Correct, they are having a difficult time not “pushing” the baseball.

I don’t have film, so I understand there are other things that can go into pushing the baseball, such as prior mechanics.

It appears the elbow is “up” as the shoulders begin to rotate, and then instead of staying elevated to extension, it drops, and thus the push.

Hmmm…It’s so hard to say without seeing them pitch. What’s the age group? Do they have decent core and scapular strength? Are they 3/4? Sidearm? I can’t really give a good answer without a lot of information.

Yeah I hear ya bro. Really tough to say without seeing them…

Frosh in high school, right around a three quarters arm slot.

Guys tend to drop their elbow when they get tired, maybe he’s just under conditioned??

^^^I will agree with that.