hi, i have a friend who is a basketball player and he is doing this program called jump attack by tim grover (trainer of michae3l jordan) and this program helps u gain on ur vertical jump and explodesiveness. I was wondering if this would help me with pitching. and also by the way on the back where it shows the different professional athletes that use this program it’s shows a-rod and some football player

Im sure it wouldnt hurt you. Anything to make you more athletic is a big help.

Explosive legs aren’t ever a bad thing in baseball. I’m not sure how directly the air attack program will correlate to the mound, but I do know it will corralate to speed if it does work (verticle jump and speed correlate).

I’m curious if your friend has seen results on the program?

I’ve read some well written reviews from people gaining solid height and speed. While at the same time I have read reviews that complain all the program got them was sore knees and joints.

I have a feeling the program incorporates atleast some form of plyometrics, which have become somewhat common in baseball for conditioning.

yea u do a lot of the same thing baseball do like squats and stuff like that and also there is a lot of jump exercise. My friend he has been doing ti for three weeks and his vertical jump increased by about 2.5 inches and he is a lot more quicker when driving to the basket.