Explosive training

i need some help on something…a lot of pitching instructors continually tlk about explosive training and building explosiveness…well i was wondering what are some drills or lifting techniques i can use to help build my explosiveness???

I like to do jumping squats holding a 15-20 lb medicine ball, and running sprints. I am sure some other guys can help you on this.

squats, step up, calf raises, lunges, lots and lots of variations of crunches, leg curls, leg extensions.
I believe (but note that I’m no kinesiologist or anything) that you can build both endurance and explosiveness from sprinting. Reason: when you pitch, you are doing explosive movements over and over again for a long period of time. When you run sprints, you can do explosive movements over and over again for a long period of time.

From some different studies I’ve read I would say a combination of true weight lifting (squat, deadlift, bench, all multijoint) and then olympic lifting (and it’s tons of variations) are an effective way to gain power (strength x speed).

Also for sheer explosiveness I think plyometrics fit the bill quite well. Lower body is all about quick reflex with maximum power, upper body is all about core stability and power.

Also I think sprints and agilities develop explosiveness as well.

Overall I would say not one of these training options alone will develop your peak power and explosiveness. You need a solid routine that combines them to maximize your offseason.

i don’t mean to sound dumb but can someone inform me on what plyometrics are?

To sum it up quickly. Lower body Plyometrics are a series of high intensity jumps, and/or.
With quick reflex one explodes from the ground as high and/or as far as possible, apon reaching the ground again the athletes explodes again without giving themself much time to load up on the ground.

Here’s a great article for stuff about plyometrics

Athletes.com’s main database of plyometric articles can be found here

There are also plyometrics for upperbody, these often include a medicine ball. These are great for core strength and explosiveness.