Explosive Pitching

Does anyone know of any drills i can do to develope explosive pitching mechanics?

Well using the term “drills” and “explosive mechanics” in the same sentence are kind of contridictory of each other. Drills are generally made to keep mechanics slow and controlled, which is the complete opposite of what you are trying to acheive.

For what you are trying to acheive, you just need to work on your mechanics. And to do that, keep 3 things in mind

1- Take a big rocker step, this gets alot of momentum built up early on

2- Load your hips, and at the very least turn a little bit towards second base. This is how you keep all that momentum from dissipating.

3- Screw the Balance Point crap people have preached to you, and try and get your whole body going towards home plate as fast as you can while still staying under control.