Experience with Lantz Wheeler Baseball Think Tank camps

Can anyone give me their experience/impressions of the summer camps Lantz Wheeler offers through Baseball Think Tank? My son did Driveline’s at-home workouts for a while, and then we did the TBR boot camp last summer. We saw some improvement from both, but my son wound up with an elbow stress fracture in Sept that he’s still recovering from. I’m not saying those programs caused/contributed to his injury, but I’m interested in trying a program that doesn’t rely on weighted ball training just to be safe. Any first-hand experience - positive or negative - about Lantz’s summer camp would we much appreciated. Thanks.

Brenkj, how old is your son? What is his height and weight?

He’s 16 (17 in May). He’s 6-1, about 185.

My son is the same age, just turned 17 and is 6’1" 170. Over the years he has had numerous arm issues or set backs. I believe the issues come from, 1) he has an above average fastball 2) genetics (I pitched and had arm issues until my early 20’s). Everyone is different but we’re thinking of doing the “Driveline” program maybe after his 1st year in college. We are just playing ball for now until he is done growing. He pitches once a week and we try and get in 1 bullpen session and 1 Long Toss session in per week. He has been free of arm issues for 2 years now (funny, about the time we got away from Travel Ball) Everyone is different but I’d stay away from any weighted ball stuff until he’s done growing. What I will suggest is finding a good pitching coach in your area and try and get him there once a week. A trained eye can pick up the little things that can make a big difference. Good luck!

Lantz is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I know with respect to teaching the lower half. Not sure there’s anyone better as a matter of fact.

Driveline is the most knowledgeable with respect to helping arm action and efficient movement patterns (among other things). Driveline is at the forefront of pitching research and instruction currently.

I wouldn’t hesitate to have my kid work with Lantz in a camp. My son has gone to Lantz’s camp once and he’s worked with him one on one too for a few hours.

However, the most important thing is to keep working on stuff outside the camps (which I’m sure you know–just reiterating it). The biggest thing I’ve found is players think a camp is going to fix stuff. It’s only the beginning. Fixing things or improving things requires a ton of work outside the camp. Take notes, shoot video, learn stuff and work on it.

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Thanks for the feedback regarding the BTT camps. Does anyone have advice on the best way to get in touch with Lantz himself? I have some questions before I sign up for a camp.


Try lwheeler@baseballthinktank.com

Thanks for the response. I tried that email about a week ago, but haven’t heard back.

Try Lantz.wheeler@gmail.com

Thanks (again), but I also tried that one last week. No response yet.

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Sorry it sold last night within like 10 min of me posting that it was available.

I never had luck with anyone responding as well