Exertion headaches?

I get this pain in the back of my head when i do pushups and run. It all started last week when I had to do pushups at baseball because i kept dropping the balls and threw horrible(new glove and wearing a heavy sweater caused this). So I had to do 3 sets of 25. I felt like my head hurted. Then the next day the ball popped out of my glove again and had to do 25 pushups. This time i did them and felt super dizzy after and made a crappy throw right away and had to do more. So its been 4 days and i haven’t gotten these weird headaches before till right now when i did pushups. I did 5 and my head went berserk. I did research on this and I might have Exertion headaches. Does anyone know much about these? And i do have migraines a lot. Its just that in the last year i’ve only had like 5 migraines. Also this didn’t affect me at all yesterday when i pitched.

I just want to know if anyone has had this before or heard of it before I go see a doctor.

Don’t wait. Make that doctor’s appointment right away and go see him or her—get it checked out. It might be some kind of allergic reaction, or it could be something serious—but you’d certainly want to know. And all those pushups! sounds rather extreme, more like military boot camp, and you shouldn’t have to go through that. :o

I didn’t see a doctor after all. Some guys told me that I have a lot of stress and high blood pressure. Idk about the blood pressure part but i do have a lot of stress from homework and stuff. I’ve been staying a lot more calm this week and i’ve been fine. I’ve been pitching finely, running smooth. Pushups not so much. I get to about 15 then i feel the pain slowly coming back. So i just cut it from there.

And Zita what do you mean by allergic reaction? Can these pounding headaches really be a symptom of an allergic reaction?

Could be so many things, allergies, stress, bad circulation, dehydration, low blood sugar, high blood sugar…we, and anyone that you talk to without it being a Dr. is just guessing. You really shouldn’t put off a visit!

Adrian, you really need to see a doctor. The fact that the pain does recur could be an indication of something serious, and yes, there is the possibility that it could be some kind of allergic reaction—I’ve heard of such things happening. So never mind what “some guys” have told you— get it checked out, the sooner the better. 8)