could someone tell me some good exercises for my 13 going on 14 to do his Pitcher and is SS thanks any help will do

well, you gotta do alot of core work(abs, hips, etc.) Heres a website full of excercises. www.noexcusesbaseball.com

Im not an expert, but I would personally start off with body weight exercises, such as push ups, sit ups, lunges, etc. I would wait till he turns 14, possibly 15, before really getting into weight training. Just my opinion though.

Yeah, at this age if you take him to a weight room here are a few tips to remember.
Reps over weight. Don’t let him do any weight that he can’t do at least 15-20reps with, otherwise it causes undue stress on undeveloped bones, growth plates ect…
And, now is the time to develope good form. Lifting weights incorrectly can lead to injuries.

The whole “weight lifting will stunt your growth” has been proven to be a myth. The real thing you want to be careful of, like Snake mentioned, is starting out too quickly. Muscles will grow fast than tendons, so if you are new to weightlifting, you need to begin with low weights, so the tendons become strong enough to act as the foundation for added muscle.

Have your son learn the basic olympic lifts (very low weight until he gets the form right) the snatch and the clean andf jerk. Other standard lifts would be the bench press, the squat, and the deadlift. Those should be the basis of his lifting to begin with. From there, you will find everyone has different opinions. Personally, I think that you should switch things up as much as possible. Work with medicine balls, resistance bands, bodyweight exercises, odd objects like sandbags or sledgehammers. Never let your body settle into a routine- keep adding new stimuli and the muscle will always be working to adapt.

I listed some exercises that are… unorthodox in a post a couple days ago. That should be a good place to gather new ideas. Another great place to start is with Mike over at No Excuses

Ya know what I do sometimes to try and strengthen my core with rotational forces.
I’ll go find a nuisance tree (dead/dying, leaning over our yard getting ready to fall ect…) and chop it down. I think that could help my bat speed as well lol.