Exercises to stay away from

hey guys whats up.

What are some upper body workouts that you should stay away from.

Right now i am doing this:

Bench press
close grip bench press
dumbell flys
forearm curls
dumbell curls
Skull crushers(triceps)

Are all of these good to do every other day with heavy weights.
Usually i do my legs and abs one day then i will do my upper body the next.
What body parts should i make sure don’t get to bulky.

Is it okay to have big shoulders, chest, and biceps, and triceps?

You would probably be better with pushups as bench press can cause shoulder problems.

I would also work on pullups and horizonal rows.

Barbell bench press should be avoided DUMBELL bench press should be used i dont remember exactly the techinal terms and what not for the difference but Dumbeel trumps Barbell for athletes imo. thats really the only one i avoid.

Dumbell bench should be done on the ground so your elbows never go lower than your shoulders. Causes problems if done incorrectly.

In general, it appears as though your trying to get big like a football player. Baseball is not a sport where getting “big” is considered very good. Strength and power is good, but you should focus on injury prevention first, which does not require any heavy lifting.

yes the bench press. work moe on pushups and pullups. try doing dumbells instead