Exercises for stronger hip rotation

Anyone have any? What I mean is exercises so that you can turn your hips harder and stronger.

Rotational medicine ball throws. Conventional barbell training (back/front squats, deadlifts) will also help improve the contractile strength of the muscles in the lower half, which obviously aids rotational power.

I have to agree with Kyleb. My son is 14 and made great strides in his hip rotation using sit squats, deadlifts and rotational med ball throws. Also a strong core program has helped tremendously. He hates planks but loves the results.

The Nautilus adduction/abduction machine

Along with all the above mentioned exercises, I am also a fan of dry hip rotations. No external loads, just focusing on turning your hips as fast as possible, without turning your shoulders. I would usually use similar to a batting stance, except instead of stepping, go onto your front toe and shift your weight back, then fire. Done for 8x6 each side as active rest during an Upper Body workout. [During a lower body workout, the fatigue will prevent you from full speed, unless done before a workout, which could take away from the rest of teh workout]

I used to have strong hips, but they were very slow, so this helped me train full speed.