Exercises for inflammed ulnar nerve?

After doing alot of reading on different sites, I did a test that showed me that my ulnar nerve is either trapped or inflammed, I dont want to do any type of surgery, its not torn. But it hurts when I fully extend my arm at shoulder height to the side and than point my fingers and hand toward the floor. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on exercises or anything that I should do in order to fix it. I can still throw, I threw today and I threw well. Please answer the sooner the better, I train every day and want to prevent further damage! Thanks in advance

Go see a surgeon or a qualified sport’s Doc who has a history of working with TJ issues.

Good Idea, but I dont know any in dominican republic (Theres where my training is)… My mom is coming to visit me from canada this friday because I havnt seen her in a long time and shes a registered nurse so i’ll get her to take a look at it and see if she can figure it out, Ill post what she thinks and if she’ll find me one a doctor. Its the nerve that hurts and not so much the tendon so I dont think I’ll need tommy john! :slight_smile: I hope its nothing!

just rest your arm man how old are you what level how has your performance been affected. the UCL is a ligament that can’t be strengthened really you first need to hop on some inti inflamatories then get on fish oil and glucosaimin 2-3 fish oil after 2 weeks your back shoulder will feel more free and less achy the glucosamine will help your tendons and ligaments but ice is my best friend try icing in the morning before school and after practice immediatly if you’re not in season then take time off trust me ivve had a grade 1 strain and it’s not fiun we had a 1st round draft pick that went to college instead of pro ball and he strained his elbow and shut it down for 3 weeks and felt amazing after he said

Wow alright thankss man! Ill do just that! Thanks for the tips, thats what I needed! If anyone has anything else they’d like to suggest, Please do!

P.S im 17 and it hasnt been effected at all really, Im still able to pitch good and with decent accuracy… I’m just afraid that its going to get worse and than start effecting my pitching. I pray thats not the case though

My son had ulnar nerve transposition last September. He initially rested and did physical therapy for about 4 weeks until he started a throwing program. He was able to pitch minimally his junior year of high school. He continued to rehab in physical therapy and had a real good summer pitching for his high school and summer team.

Fall season started and his ulnar nerve flared up again. There is a reason for this. His physical therapist banked on when he stopped doing therapy it would come back and it did. He literally has gone to PT for over a year.

He opted for the surgery, played his senior year of high school and is now pitching at a community college in Arizona.

If this is truly an unlar nerve issue, it is possible to do long term damage to the nerve if not addressing the issue properly. This is the reason for seeing a doctor.