Exercise For the Elbow?

Is there any other exercize besides forearm flexes to work out near the elbow like the ligaments around the elbow? I Havent really found any.

Try forearm curls and reverse forearm curls.

Also, as part of our dynamic warm-up, I have my players do fingertip prayer presses and forearm presses. The forearm presses involve pressing the hands/wrists/forearms together in front of the face and raising the elbows up and down through the full range of motion. This is followed by pressing the pinky fingers together hard and holding, then the ring finger, then the middle finger, index finger and thumbs all in the same forearm press position.

yea my ulnar nerve is always botherin me and im curious of how i could make it stronger

This isn’t possible.

You have to fix your mechanics so you don’t put so much strain on your elbow.

Read up on pronation.


Read up about pronation.