Excercises/ways to increasing pitching velocity

im 14 about to turn 15 in october 12.
i throw 80mph.
i want to reach my ultimate goal in high school and thats throwing 95+
by the time im a senior. i am a sophomore right know. am i on the right track?
i want to throw low 80s and top 85 this year. and junior season top 90. and senior season throw 95+
what things should i do to keep on track and top 85 this year.
i am so dedicated.
what exercises should i do.
i am commited to my goal.
i just dont know what exersises to do.
please suggest. :wink:

wow you throw decently hard for your age. Whats your height / weight. And there is a work-out section on the forums

Im 5’11"
I weight 270

My advice is is to start a medicine ball workout routine.


^ The .pdf on the second page is really good.

Also if you can shut down for 6-8 weeks and run, do the medicine ball workouts.

Being flexible also helps a lot.

Article :

If you shut down and do these exorcises, and stay in shape, the next time you pick up a ball you will feel a difference

[quote]Im 5’11"
I weight 270[/quote]\

ahh man your huge for 14

what do you throw

i throw
and a curveball