Excellent site, very well managed--

It wasn’t untill a few months ago that I found this site - purely out of using a computer that was issued to me for addressing stat’s and stuff. It was when I took a tumble going into a dugout that I had to hang up the spikes and the coaching for the rest of the summer.
But, with out getting all warm and fuzzy - the Patriarch of this web site Steve Ellis and the administrators do an outstanding job progressing and managing a wonderfull product.
Very few places can a youngster or a youth coach go to get the kind of imput and support that you folks offer here. I’ve advised a lot of my fellow coaches, their families, various youth organizatons around the country about your efforts here. And the feedback has been just as positve as mine is now.
This is especially the case in my neck of the woods were baseball has taken a back seat to other sports such as basketball and soccer. This has been due , primarily, to the culture and ethnic mix of our local population. So, coaches like myself who were in the sport during the 50’s & 60’s are far and few between now.
However, in any event, it’s been to my benefit to read and learn from others here. Great site!

A belated welcome to you Coach B. Your experience and wisdom is a valuable part of this site.