Ex-D1 Athlete Pitching Help


So, I had decided to make some adjustments to my windup between the time of my first bullpen session (video in first post in this thread) and now. I know it is hard to see, but was I loading my hips to begin with?
I am going to post a picture of me at the top of my leg lift and put it beside a pro that is at the top of his leg lift. Does it appear that I have my hips loaded correctly in this picture? I am wondering if I may have changed something I shouldn’t have in my windup.

Additionally, I am considering switching to using the stretch primarily to ensure I properly load my hips. Would this be a good idea to simplify everything and make sure I focus on the basics such as loading and staying closed?

Edit: Here is the full clip of my original mechanics which have been changed since the most recent video. Does it appear that I am loading my hips in it? Looking at it to me, it appears that my weight isn’t really sitting back into my back leg. I don’t appear to be truly loading up as much as I am just turning my hips a bit.


Hey Logan,

This is what I am talking about. This is my son loading the hips. Stop your video at about 2 seconds in and mine at 20 secons in. Link them up and look at the back leg.


Oh wow, you can really see him loading his hips up in his video! In comparison to me, all I was doing was trying to turn my left hip, or my lead leg hip.

So, if I am correct I really need to focus on turning those hips to load my back leg up and leaving my hips loaded until right before foot plant right? Some flexibility and stability work would definitely aid me in that venture.


Yes you want to load that back leg. He stays loaded until his heel starts coming off of the ground before landing. Very hard to describe but his video really shows how to load the hips. Best thing for you to do is find a solid wall. Get into a stretch position. Place your left hand on the wall. Lift your lead leg up while loading the hip. You need to feel the movement before you can apply it. If you want video tape it and I will have a look



Here is me just holding against a wall to feel it. Does this look okay?
Sorry for poor lighting, moved into a new apartment so still getting settled!


No worries. The second one you did is exactly what I am talking about. Nice job.


It does feel like you are winding yourself into a little spring! I can understand why it would add some velocity, and I see why its so hard for people to stay closed! Itll take some serious work to get that down, but I’ve got this!
Do you have any recommended drills or stretches etc. that would help with this?


Yep that is what staying closed is all about. I will get some drills out to you soon. Did you say earlier that you are in college?


I am! I was playing football at Central Michigan University but left because I wanted to pursue baseball instead. I left a full ride scholarship and a starting spot on the OL behind in exchange for having just a CHANCE to be a pitcher. I love baseball, just couldn’t stay away any longer!


Wow, sometimes you have to follow your heart. Must have been a tough decision. I wish you the best and any help I can give I will


I appreciate your help, send over those drills when you can and I’ll get right to work! Means a lot to know theres people out there who are willing to help!


Look at your email



Good evening!

I have been working hard on my mechanics with the help of @explosivepitching . Here are the results so far!

Any tips or advice with the motion? Im feeling better with it already!


You come set with your feet too wide apart which makes you weight shift back towards 2B to go into knee lift. Narrow your feet so you only go forward.

Your glove arm never gets extended to match your throwing arm which makes it too quick and leads to early shoulder rotation. Extend the glove arm to match the throwing arm and achieve “equal & opposite”. The time it takes to extend the glove out further is time your shoulders stay closed longer.

You let your glove swing way behind you so that it’s in no position to protect you from a come-backer. Learn to swivel the gllove over and stabilize it in front of your torso.


I definitely see his arm swinging way behind him too.