Evo Shield

I’m a catcher and I was wondering if anyone has used one of the evoshield wrist guards.
I have seen many pro and college players wearing them so they must be good. I just wanted some opinions or other products that you think are better.

most of the catchers i know just wear big wrist bands… and it seems to work pretty well.

As a catcher my advice is either to go without or get something that adds just a little extra padding. Getting hit is going to hurt either way and my personal belief is that it’s better to just live with the occasional bruises rather then spend money on something and getting the bruises anyways.

EDIT: I actually was talking to my friend who pitches in the Padres minor league organization and he said that his catcher has bought these and says that they work well when the situation is perfect, but more often then not he gets hit around the guards anyways.

thanks for the advice

sutekh is probably correct. My 14 year old son plays first, catches and pitches and he doesn’t like to wear the wrist guards when playing on the field. He does wear one while batting and he also wears the chest protector, which is very good protection for his heart. Long story but I’m very glad he was wearing it last weekend. Took a line drive shot to the chest in batting practice.