Every pitch and yard of running and everything matters

I always have had the idea that when your in the championship game or the game where everyones watching, and its the latest innings and your pitching and the game is on the line, everything comes into play. Like if you threw that one day when you were 12. Like you might be .001 inches off on your pitch because of something that you did earlier. Like if you ran your full sprint that day in high school will decide your career. But ah its hard to explain. Like maybe you were .03 MPH away from blowing the fastball by him, but that weekend you took off when you were 17 prevented you from being that .03 MPH ahead of him.

Oh yeah this kinda coincides with the Ravens Patriots game

It’s all in da head

Im trippin out way too much right now.
I think its all the b-vitamins

I think it was Dan Gable that talked about his training for the Olympics. He would wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if his opponents were training. In order to assure himself that he wasn’t falling behind, he would jump into a training session right then and there. And only after he finished could he go back to sleep.

are you working hard or hardly working?

You have to ask yourself, are you really working hard?

[quote=“Jacobs 21”]Oh yeah this kinda coincides with the Ravens Patriots game

That game was won by the officials. What a croc!

yeah a lot of my friends were at that game. I’m from B-More so that was especially sucky for me.