Every day life, baseball!

Things you do in everyday life outside of practice, work outs and all that.
That you do on purpose (or not) that is actually a baseball move or anything in that fashion that make you a baseball player!

Me for an example know 1 thing for sure. That is when I have to pick something up from the ground, I dont bend my knee’s, no, I stand on my left leg and grab whatever i needed to pick up on the ground with my right arm. my right leg goes up, pretty much like a pitching motion.

My boss asked me onces what the F i was doing. I just told 'm I pitch, muscle memory and all that:P

1: Snap my fingers with a baseball in them to emulate curveball movement in my wrist
2: Wedge a baseball throughout the day between my fingers and grip it hard like a forkball (I also pop my middle finger and index finger in opposite directions)
3:Practice my change up grips.
4:Constantly stretch my shoulders, elbows, and fingers.

ps. I always carry a baseball with me at all times so I can practice 1, 2 and 3 at any given time. for #4 I use a baseball bat to stretch the rotator cuff.

People have pointed out to me that I hold the glass or bottle I’m drinking from with two fingers and my thumb and sometimes curl them to a knuckleball grip.

Sometimes I catch myself moving my arm in an overhand motion for no reason. Whenever I need to grab something instead of first just standing up and walking over and grabbing it I stretch (I play 1st base) and try to reach for it first.

I like to make a fist when people get out in daily life.

I always pretend I’m throwing overhand out of habit. Plus, I usually catch everything with my left hand now. And no matter what im throwing, I always point to where I’m throwing with my left arm, as if I have a glove on.

I can’t play any sports without baseball instincts coming in. I shoot basketballs overhand, I throw footballs with a leg kick, and my tennis swing is Mike Epstein rotational hitting.

I know just what you guys mean.
When I’m in the supermarket, shopping for fresh fruit like peaches, I grab one with my slider grip.