Ever intentionally beaned a hitter?

I did once. I’m ashamed to say it. My girlfriend was at the game and I told her I was gonna hit someone, thinking it’d be cool. I got him right in the helmet. Luckily it didn’t hurt the guy at all. That was when I was young.

Last year, as I was taking my warmup pitches, the ondeck batter was standing too close to the batters box, watching my pitches. I really wanted to nail the guy and at the last minute as I brought my arm around I thought “uh, better not make it too obvious” and I bounced it right at his legs.

He looked at me and said " I thought you were gonna do that."

I said “woops. Ya better be careful.”

But then he didn’t back off on my next warmup pitch, and it really got to me.

I ended up walking him on 4 pitches, cuz my focus was so jarred.

No comment :slight_smile: But I will say this. Ben Christensen, the Chicago Cubs fisrt round draft pick in 1999 out of Wichita (KS) State got sued for doing what you did. He beaned a batter who he thought was standing too close to the batter’s box during his warmup pitches. The kid he hit (Anthony Molina, Univ. of Evansville, in the head) lost eyesight in his eye and it ended his career. It was all over the papers – a huge national story, because it marked the first time that an on-field baseball incident ended up in the court system.

Ben signed for $1.1 million. Some say he lost half of it in the out of court settlement.

My point is this: Chucking at a guy can seem like a “harmless” thing. You know, just to intimidate a guy. But it can have very serious consequences.

If you do throw at a guy “unintentionally,” however, the butt is a good target :slight_smile: Keep it below the shoulders – ALWAYS!

I strongly believe in the brushback pitch because most guys have since to get out of the way.

damn, not to cool there with that Christenson story. I guess the intent was probably pretty easy to prove.

There’s no question that the brushback pitch is important. Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Pedro – they all throw inside. They all hit batters. A lot! It’s really important to “own” the inside part of the plate. I did it. And I hit a lot of guys! It’s why I was successful. I’m just saying keep it below the shoulders.

Plus, most pro hitters will tell you that the the inside pitch that moves their feet (as opposed to their head) messes them up more that one at their helmet. Move the hitter’s feet. That’s what we learned to do in the Cubs organization. You do that by keeping it below the shoulders. (Aim for the butt and hip.)

Many folks think that when Sosa took that one that exploded his helmet, his career effectively ended there. I agree.
You don’t really want to carry that responsibility.
You won’t make it to the higher levels if you can’t pitch inside though (See Stevens comments as proof).
IMO if you are throwing intentionally at someones head, you deserve anything that comes back to you. Whether it’s getting a little of the hair of the dog that bit you and you get plunked or someone charges you or if they wait in the parking lot for you. Of course, the guy charging you may end up as ol Rockin Robin Ventura did when he charged Nolan Ryan. :lol:

BTW Steven…When do we see the book? Whats the title and where will it be available?

there’s guys in the majors now who are such pu$$ies that they’ll get hit by inside pitches that are just a couple inches off the plate, and they try to act all tough. I mean, the pitches are nearly strikes and they can’t get out of the way, and they get so defensive about it.

Maybe they oughtta try another sport.

I hate guys that crowd the plate, there have been times when I have gotten revenge for my fellow teammates but i never aim at there head like steve said below the shoulders most batters will have enough since to turn into it and take it in the back, but sometimes I would face batters who turned with there chest out sucked for them and they were very mad, sometimes some people take getting plunked a little to harsh.

Anger , at least showing it, has no place in a pitchers repetoire…so never come inside for that reason. However … especially considering all the body armor ( even seeing it now at the LL levels ) that hitters wear … owning the inside is more important than ever. This is a skill, one few big leaguers have anymore … imo, another negative result of the metal bat era .

I witnessed a high school coach order the beaning of a batter after that batter (the previous at bat)intentionally slid into second base with his metal spikes up into the shortstop. The first pitch (a four seamer)went behind the batter; the second (a curveball) was thrown right at his head then broke down and inside and the third plunked him solidly in the thigh. I’m not sure at that level there are alot of kids that can be trusted to keep the ball down where it belongs.

The brushback or unintentional bean ball are part of the “art” of pitching. Controlled wildness will get you the right amount of respect to keep batters from leaning in on every pitch.

With metal bats, lower mounds, shorter fences and juiced up balls how’s a pitcher to survive without it?

A guy obviously leaned into a pitch that was likely to be called a strike on the inside corner, and he got plunked. I was pissed, and the next time at bat I made sure he didn’t have to move.

I applaud your actions there. Nice.

i might have done it before :lol:


Last summer a kid who was probably also an O-lineman in football railed me when I was playing first base. I couldn’t see straight for a couple minutes. But I pitched the next game and when he came up I caught him right in the ribs.

Steve said it best and gave the pro attitude. The amateur player should be taught to never do it for the obvious injury involved the personal guilt later on and the spirit of the game. Moving the feet is very good . A fastball off the front toe wakes the batter up especially if the next pitch is slower and on the same toe.

i’ve thrown at batters before.If he is playing arogantly or is messing with one of my players.That kinda stuff i take personal.But usually i dont so much throw at them…i throw close enough to them where they can get brushed back and know im mad.

Being able to through in side and intimidate batters is also a very useful tool. Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, and Mark Prior are all proof of that. But anyone who throws at a batters head deserves to get an a$$ kicking.