Ever hit a walk off hit?

I had my first last night. And it was an amazing feeling. It was 6-8 going in the bottom of the 7th, bases loaded 2 outs and I’m up to bat. I get a 3-1 count on me and the ump calls the game due to darkness. I argue with him, along with my coach and then the ump calls the game back on. Then the other teams coach comes out to argue and all the other teams players come in. Everyone’s talking crap to me, saying how I’m ganna strike out anyways, and how we already lost. After about 10 minutes of arguing, the ump decideds I’m the last batter of the game, which I thought was horrible because if I got walked, games over we lose. So the next pitch is a low, ankle high pitch that I crush, a lazer to the wall for a double and three runs score. THe whole team came running out to second and piled on me. One of the best feelings ever.

I’ve never hit one, but this summer I gave up a really crappy one. It was a tie game bottom of the seventh 2 outs with a runner on third and i threw an inside fastball to a guy who hadn’t gotten a hit all summer and he breaks his bat and hits a weak ground ball that greatly resembled a bunt. Long story short our third baseman made a really great throw to first and just missed getting the guy by a step.

I got beaned with bases loaded to win the game. 8) :lol:

2 years ago, last year of babe ruth league 13-15 year old league I knocked in the winning run.

walk off squeeze play.

although I wouldn’t call it a squeeze since there were two outs.

Walk off walk. Never has getting an RBI been so easy. The guy threw 4 straight fastballs about a foot above my head.

2 yrs ago in the cal ripken southeast regional i hit a walkoff homer to put my team in the chamionships. this was after my team came back from a 6-0 defficate in the bottom of the fifth.

I hit a walk off grand slam in slow pitch softball 8)

I love the feeling…I had one in Majors ball in LL (60 foot bases) i was up at the plate runners on 1st and 2nd 2 outs bottom 6 and it was a 2-0 count I remember exactly what i was thinking… I was thinking “Man i won’t get anything to hit and i won’t get a walk-off hit” My coach told me it’s gotta be down the middle (as they always do) and sure enough it was and i swung a little blooper just fair in right field and i just got trampled on when i got it. Best Feeling ever in baseball

I hit my first walk off this year. We had a game against our “rivals”. I was up with two outs and we were down by 1. First pitch was about knee high and I cranked it to left center. The center fielder dove for the ball, caught it, but dropped it as he hit the ground and I ended up with a walk-off double. Best feeling I’ve ever gotten in baseball.

I had my first one this year. I came in as a reliever with bases loaded, pitched us outta the jam, then came up at bat with tied ballgame, bases loaded and 2 outs, and I blasted it far over the Centerfielder against the wall, whatta feeling :smiley:

Yeah one of mine was an opposite field home run, i remember thinking I just wanted to get some good wood on the ball and it just kept going and going… i didn’t get mobbed, and ran the bases with my head down.

I have had a few walk offs in my day, but the best one was in little league with a kid that was 3 years older than me pitching to me, and we were down by one. I hit a line drive single and it drove in 2 for the win. The older kid came over and told me I did a great job, and that made me feel 10 feet tall because he was someone I looked up to.

There was this one time I was on the bench for the entire game until the very last inning. I was injured and sitting on the bench because of my leg. I really talked my coach into letting me hit and if i didn’t hit in the runner I couldn’t run well anyway so it was a win/ win situation in a sort of way. I got the hit and the game ended. I hobbled to first, but it didn’t matter too much there was only one out.

Bases loaded, tie-game. Full-count. The pitcher throws a fastball outside about 2 inches off the plate. I start walking to first before the umpire makes the call. He calls it a ball. :smiley:

I actually have had a few walk off hits during my 14 years of playing baseball but the most memorable one was -

1992 TSSAA high school playoff game round one where I hit a walk off grand slam homerun to win the game.

That indeed was a great feeling and I will enjoy telling my kids about it when they get old enough.

In provincials this year I had a walk off double. Next game, semi finals, we were down 6-1 against the best team in alberta, came back up 8-6 bottom of seven, bases loaded 1 out and we turned a double play. it was pretty unreal.