Evan M. 14U 6’0” 190 lbs. Potential?


I’m being told that he has significant potential and is improving through professional coaching. Thoughts??


What does his current coach see as his primary focus right now?


Getting more athletic and his bottom half. He’s said he’s happy with his top half. He’s spent significant time on getting him moving everything in one direction.


I think the “potential” thing comes from his size and that he’s not nearly done growing. He’s a very strong kid.

My primary focus is injury risk reduction and no dealbreaker bad habits.


OKay so he is 14 and 6’ 190lbs? The size is an asset but is the 190lbs natural or has he gained it from workouts? Also, whats his velocity? To me it looks like 70 or so is this correct? There are also many energy leaks in his upper half still.


Natural size. No weights at all. His pattern has been to get a bit chunky and shoot up and thin out. He’s in a chunky spot right now and I expect a growth spurt coming.

I call it farm hand strong.

Velocity has been mid 70’s with a lot of fluctuations up and down.


I get his top half is unfinished but coach is focused on bigger problem right now in bottom half. He’s come a long way in less than a year.


If there is a lot of fluctuation I would be cautious about how you are gauging velocity, it has to be from a radar gun, these phone apps about determining point of release to when it reaches to catcher are very inconsistent.

He should be lifting weights at least 3x per week at his age or at a minimum doing full body weight workouts. Typically a shaky lower half mechanics wise can be a result of a strength weakness that can be autocorrected when muscle and strength is developed.

I work as a personal baseball instructor and would love to field more questions over a message.


Thanks. He is exceptionally strong for his age. He’ll start lifting this spring…basic Olympic movements. I appreciate your concerns re: measuring velocity. As a note he’s measured on his coach’s gun and if I calculate it manually I use 240fps and the complete physics formula…

This is an old post of mine describing how I calculate without radar gun…
Make sure to use app to record video at 240fps or better. Video from the side. Has very accurate stop watch in app.

Start at release. End at plate.

Take mound distance minus stride length. That is close to release to plate distance. Adjust back as needed.

Formula I use:

Distance​:heavy_division_sign:Time then :heavy_multiplication_x:️ .682 = Avg velocity over the distance.
Then to get release velocity:
Distance​:heavy_division_sign:2 then :heavy_division_sign: 5.5 (the factor for drag on a baseball) and add to avg speed and you will have speed at release.
So last pitch my 12 year old threw sat from 50 feet. Releases at 46 ft. His time from release to plate was .480 sec.

46​:heavy_division_sign:.480=95.833 then 95.833 :heavy_multiplication_x:️ .682= 65.35 avg mph for the distance.

46​:heavy_division_sign:2=23 feet. 23​:heavy_division_sign:5.5=4.18 mph add to avg.
4.18 + 65.35= 69.53 mph at release. Do the same but subtract 4.18 from avg to get speed at the plate.