Evan- 13u Pitching Analysis Request

I see him as raw but improving. He’s 6’0" and 170 at 13. Throws 4-seam (coach’s gun has had him from 78-81 consistently) and curve ball. Working on a change.

Anything this knowledge base of coaches can advise on, I would be grateful. First and foremost concern is protecting his arm health. He’s not pitched more than 30 innings a summer ever and we do a band routine regularly.


Would appreciate some feedback. Well into the season and he’s pitching well. I can’t afford professional pitch coaching right now and want to keep making progress.

This posture that he has with his glove tucked into his chest (from this view) is a bit unusual, from my experience. Where did he picked that up?

Besides that, am I reading this right… he’s only 13, 170 pounds and at 6 feet?

Does not seem very explosive. Hard to believe he throws 81 with that delivery.


I agree with Coach B about the glove tuck prior to front foot plant being unusual. That could be due to the old (bogus) “point the elbow at the target” teach. I would much rather see the glove arm extend forward to a good “equal & opposite” position.

Anyway, a short front side is usually a quick front side and that usually leads to early shoulder rotation. While this pitcher looks to be doing a lot right in the slo-mo pitch, he does look to be opening up early in the normal-speed pitch.

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Can’t help explain it but as a sanity check I used a 60 fps video with Coach Eye app and at 56’ he’s at .49 sec. 77.9 avg over distance. So out of hand where a gun would catch it is likely around what coach’s gun reads.

Yes. Actually he just went to Dr.

5"11 3/4 and 178lbs. 13 years old. Will be 14 this fall. Doc (a former coach of his) is saying 6’6" or better.

I understand. It’s likely never been addressed with him so he’s doing what’s natural to him. He’s had very little specific instruction.

I assume he has had some pretty good growth spurts. My concern is that with rapid growth his elbow may be a bit soft and he has the size to actually do some damage with the curve. I would suggest concentrating on developing more powerful movement patterns for his fastball and working on a pronated type of change until he is at least 15.

To start I would concentrate on his posting leg foot. From the stretch I would have him set his foot perpendicular to the stride path. he should then rotate his posting knee inward just enough to feel his weight shift to the inside of his posting foot (right).

The weight should feel like it is in the arch or heelward. You can see that his weight is very much on the ball of his foot early in his delivery. This allows the heel to rotate towards the plate and robs him of both direction and power. He has a gift in size if his growth continues. Take care of him.

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Here’s my take on that glove arm problem, i see a young fellow trying to keep his shoulders closed as long as possible, but he has too much flexibility which results in having his bad habit of flying open too early still happening with his waist. Make him try the Hershiser drill, I’m pretty sure even HE will be surprised about how off his lower body is, making him lose explosiveness.

Here’s a well explained video https://youtu.be/zu4vLOEthM4

I’ve seen over gillion pitches in my time and there is no way on God’s green earth that’s an 80 mph delivery. Being generous that’s 60-65 at the plate and 70 max out of the hand. I’m not going to make this all about the speed. With all the energy bleeds in that delivery, he simply can’t produce that much force unless he’s using magic. At full speed, his arm never gets blurry to the camera–that’s a slow arm.

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I appreciate your feedback. If you have any feedback for improvement, that would be great. I’m not on here to get attention.

These 3 pictures are from a game a bit later in the summer. .53 seconds on a high school field and mound at 66 ft. 77.9 mph average over distance lines up with what I’ve communicated earlier. Used this pitch because he hit the kid and it makes it easy to judge crossing the plate.

I think also the video was from a warm up. It was the only one I had from directly on the side.

Would be better to have video at game speed (not necessarily a game).

Update. Also, how do you feel about changes??

Just out of curiosity what changes has he been attempting. How has he implemented the change? I agree with much of the earlier evaluation and suggestions given. I would have him focus initially on Roger’s advice of equal & opposite, does has a short front side. He is getting very little momentum & consequently little arm speed. If you watch he never gets his back hip cleared. An earlier poster suggested the Hershiser drill; this would be an excellent start to give him the feel of generating momentum. Not sure due to the angle but looks like he may be landing closed. One suggestion I’d make is a smaller rocker step (less backwards momentum) and better direction towards the plate. He’s sweeping now & notice his glove points in the same direction. Eliminating this should improve his direction & hopefully his landing. It does appear he has a slight counter rotation. My opinion (for what it’s worth) is counter rotation is momentum in the wrong direction. Different angles would provide a better look and possibly more in depth analysis. I can’t say for certainty he’s landing closed but other angles can confirm or rule out and clarify other issues. He’s got the gift of size and looks like a strong kid. He’ll more than likely throw hard for his age using almost all arm for now. As he gets older he won’t make gains without more lower body involvement and better efficiency. In addition; for the health of his arm he’s got to use his entire body.

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.

It’s hard to get a cogent explanation of what he’s working on. This was the first lesson I was able to make.

I know there’s a focus on direction and getting glove hand pointed to target. There’s been significant drills for agility and lower body explosiveness. I’m convinced that he really has yet to understand his lower body and is often far too focused on aiming pitches. All focus has been lower half. One thing that has been corrected is that he’s always been supinated through his entire pre-release. His 4-seam always cut and has a natural curveball that is excellent. Was never able to sink a ball or to throw anything other than a straight change. His coach has corrected that and he’s now able to back up a 2-seam with sink and throw a circle change properly. I believe it’s from getting him better aligned to the plate.

He’s playing basketball this winter and I feel like he’s benefiting from the conditioning and jumping. He’s been a very timid athlete and is just now beginning to understand how to use his body. He’s banging down low in basketball for the first time. I’d like to see him far less worried about the result of the pitch and focused on the process. It feels like he’s afraid to let loose.

I think he’s got potential. He’s got size which is something that can’t be taught. Agree with others that he’s not very explosive. Based on arm speed (or lack of) I don’t see anything close to 80. Don’t have to spend big bucks if you want to know where he stands. Find a newer model Bushnel, should be able to get for around $75. Stand directly behind him in bullpens. Bushnels have limited range but newer ones are somewhat better. May have read about Bushnel being 7 or so mph slower but not the case if you stand directly behind him. Based on my experience comparing PC’s older model Bushnel with my Stalker Sport in the same position the Bushnel was only 1mph slower consistantly. Have no reason to question your sincerity but really doubt he’s close to 80. Just wouldn’t want to give him the false hope of it’s inaccurate. Regardless he’s got lots of room to grow his velocity.

I don’t tell him his velocity. I understand what you all are observing regarding slow arm speed. His pitching coach (played d-1 and in pirates org) on his gun had him at 77 mph. My only thought to explain it would be this video is at 240 fps so it’s less likely to blur. The other thing I see is he’s past 180 degrees at MER so he has a lot more degrees to accelerate his arm than most. So he doesn’t muscle it up.

An old pic of his arm at MER.