Evaluation Help!

One of my players parents has asked me to do an evaluation. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Well, do you want to evaluate the kid yourself or what. You could of course get a video and upload it, I am sure you will get a whole bunch of views from the members here within a day.

pitching mechanics evaluation??

try this,

stride distance,
Stride distance like Roy Oswalt, Andy Pettite more than 100 % of their height? or
like Tommy Hanson or Matt Latos not even 90 % of their height?

arm swgin action (there are many different types of arm swing, so maybe you should know what types of arm swing will create or put more pressure on elbow or should)

followthrough action
can he stand still?
(like Jon Lester, or Cliff Lee stand stable on the mound? )
is he facing the catcher?
(some right hand pitchers jus like to face left hand side of the mound instead of catcher)
did he off balance?
(like Dan Haren,K-rod , Johney Cueto always off balance as their front leg isd not straight)
is the glove around his chest with fielding position?
(like Rich Harden or Hiroke Kuroda does not put their glove around their chest)

Coach, can you be more specific about what you’re looking for help with?