European prospect video? 17 years old

Hello gentlemen,
here is my offseason pitching video:


I am 17years old,RHP,84-86MPH,knucklecurve (12-6),splitter,cutter.
I am one of the Czech top students and pitching prospects as well,it was advised me to search for any Junior College in US,I graduate in 2010.

If you would like to get any info,ask me please.

Could I ask you fro every comments which can come through your mind during watching my video?

Thank you,I would appriciate it.

Looks nice, I would like to see you on a normal mound. I would also like to see you possibly gain a little weight. At 17 you look like you have some good potential. How many games a year do you get to pitch in? Do you have any idea how fast you are throwing? I would definately recommend you get on a pitching directed conditioning program.
Hopefully the weather there will permit you to show us some things from a mound. You certainly look as if you might be able to compete at the level you mentioned.

that is absolutely right. Now I am 68kg (near 155Ibs.) when I got 7kg during offseason,I am 183cm.
I will make a mound video in several days and give it here.

I pitch yearly about 17-20 starts. I play Czech mens league,I am supposed to play summer in Holland top league,a best league in Europe. Next season I should spend in Germany,playing Bundesliga,second best league in Europe.

Could I ask for any advice I could get?
Thank you.

We always have a bunch of advice…I just would like to see you throw from a mound…that thing you were throwing off of does not represent what it looks like on a mound…you may have issues on the thing you are throwing off of and not from a mound, I’d rather not have you attempt to correct anything you don’t need to and I’d just like to see you naturally throw.
Now do you have anyone that trains you about baseball, pitching in specific? I don’t like to work opposite to that, they are on the ground and with you, we are in America…generally and don’t see but what comes in via video.

Yes,that is right.
I will make a video of the mound and show it to you and then we can discuss.

Thank you.