ESPN SportsScience Aroldis Chapman 105 MPH Mechanics!

This is some really good stuff.

He also appears to be heading toward home plate by the time he reaches the top of his leg lift. Maybe that’s how he gets such a long stride. Should a pitcher be heading to the plate before he reaches the top of his leg lift? Is that good technique? Or does it really matter?


Part of builing momentum and more importantly letting your bottem half get out in front.

One of the best at “drifting”

Many of the best start their center of gravity (think “hips”) moving toward home plate before peak of knee lift including Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, and Tim Lincecum. It is one contributor to a longer stride.

basically, what i retain of this whole video is that you dont want to ba a major league hitter when chapman is called up. puting this guy in the rotation is going to hurt this kid more than anything else. let him be the closer for your team and let him be nasty.

One of the reasons that Chapman can throw in the triple-digits is that he has such a long stride.
A pitcher’s stride should be at least 100% of his height.