Errors suck as while pitching… nuff said

That is why you have to be mentally tough.

yeah i am … somewhat… but instead of wondering when / if the pitch i throw is gonna hit, whos gonna make the play, i basically have to think who’s gonna make the error

Just tune it out, you have trust in them. Don’t feel you have to strike everyone out.

I think it would be an excellent idea to have a few sessions of fielding practice. This is something that is too often overlooked, and if you have a bunch of infielders who are butterfingered something has to be done about the situation so you wouldn’t feel so uncertain about them.
When I played we would have regular fielding workouts, everything from grabbing bunts to hauling down high popups to bang-bang plays at any and all bases. I never had to worry about my fielders. And one time my pitching coach gave me a powerful reinforcement when he said “You know you have some good fielders behind you. Let them do some of the work and get a few outs for you now and then.” And so it was. 8)

My D was awful, just have to do you’re job and make pitches. Well this year I ended up with a 1.96 ERA, and I allowed 26 runs, 9 earned, my defense was bad.

You’re worrying about that which you have no control over. That won’t help you do your job. Focus on doing your job - what you do have control over.