Errors, how to react

I’m 15 years old and I pitch for a team that makes quite a few errors
usually when I’m pitching and someone makes an error I just kinda say, “hey shake it off and don’t let it happen again.”

Should I keep picking them up after every error or should I kind of show them that I’m kinda getting sick of it by just not doing anything and just get back on the mound?

I like being a leader but sometimes it seams like it don’t matter. But I know that every team needs a leader to pick each other up.

It doesn’t make you happy to think you can keep pitching? :lol: :lol: But seriously, if its the summer and the team isn’t very good or even less competative. I can say personaly I was way more focused and competative in the regular school season than in the summer. I want to have a little more fun in the summer but I still get serious. Errors make me mad too but sometimes I just say oh well, more practice for me. Or even ok well I’ll get this kid out. It does get annoying when you want to win very badly but depending on the season theres a time and place to get a little upset. In your main season it would be a little more normal but if its just summer and the kids aren’t very serious what can you do about it?

Don’t do anything. Keep your face how you normally keep it when pitching. If you ever watch guys like Mariano Rivera and Tim Lincecum you never see them expressing any emotion. You can say to your teammate like “its alright, forget about it” Then think to your self “Lets pick up my teammate”. I heard from somebody that scouts love to see what happens when an error is made. Does the pitcher maintain composure and calmness or does he beat himself and get mad at his teammate.

Exactly. I think I do a good job of keeping my cool on the mound. One pitcher on my team, however, beats himself up very easily. He looks down most of the time and just shakes his head at himself. And that brings no good. It also just tells your teammates, “Hey, I don’t believe in myself or any of you guys so yeah pack it up and lets get outta here” And thats no good.

If your a pitcher your mind set should be, “the only pitch that matters is the one thats in my hand.” It does’nt matter what happened before the pitch or after the pitch, or twenty pitches ago. Your mindset has to be on the next pitch and what your going to do with it. You get your mindset like that and you will succeed.

Lead your team through actions just keep on pitching and give them more chances to make the plays and dont show any frustrations

^ He should know.

Seriously there are so many errors behind him and his bro. it ain’t even funny.

Hi ZBoyle,

I have seen this situation come up with quarterbacks and wide receivers where the quarterback will stare down the receiver after he drops a ball with a look of you better not do this again. The hope is that they will shame the receiver into playing better. In practice, I do not see how this could be an effective as a long term strategy in any sports.

Bottom line you are showing up your teammates and at the higher levels there is little place for it. I think you will have far better success by continuing to do what you are doing and focus on the next batter. From experience, I know that this can get old fast when you are icing down your arm from having to throw an additional 30 pitches a game due to errors, but it really is just part of a game. Scouts that watch you will want to see that you are a professional and are in control. Do not disappoint them. If anything, I would build your teammates up. More people respond to praise rather than criticism.

Here, is a technique you can use to help with these situations: Baseball Pitching Mind Technique

Jack Elliott
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Just be cool like what somebody said don’t show frustration, just keep your composure and scouts love it if you can battle back.

Plus, if there is an error and that error comes back to score it won’t hurt your ERA so you’ll still be fine. :smiley: