Errors behind you

How do you deal with this kind of stuff. Good example is last time I pitched we lost 7-1 with 7 unearned runs. I couldn’t even beleive some of the worst defense I have ever seen. Coach tells me to just jump up the fielders a$$, but that not really the kind of person I am. Pitching coach tells me that I should put it all on my shoulders and strike them all out. But everyone knows if you try too hard then it get worse. So how do you deal with it? Pitch my game, which is getting ground outs or try and pitch out of my body and strike everyone out. I mean I have the capability but striking everyone is very improbable.

Well, lets take a look at your options:

  1. "Jump up the fielders a$$"
    This won’t make anyone do any better behind you. If anything it will make things worse. You are either going to scare the fielders or make them even more nervous, or you will end up pissing them off. Teammates that feel disrespected are not going to lay out on a linedrive.

  2. Try to strike every one out.
    You said it yourself. You could try, but the probability is not there.

So, you are going to have to work with your fielders in either case. The best thing that I can think to do, after having been in the same position- both as the pitcher and the fielder that booted a play- is to stay positive. You should expect to hear something from a pitcher when you screw up, but cutting the guy apart won’t help anything. Something like, “Don’t sweat it (name), you can make that play all day” or “Let’s get it on the next one, guys” (cliche, I know). The most important thing is that you dont let the guys around you spiral out of control. One negative play leads to more and more unless you can bring the guy back into a positive mind frame. For example, once a SS sails a ball over the first baseman’s head, he gets stuck on that play in his mind. The next throw is wide and in the dirt, and each subsequent throw is all over the map. As the pitcher, everyone is going to follow your lead out there. You need to be the one to calm the guy down and get him focused for the next play. Fielders that feel respected/ needed/ valued by their pitchers are the guys that are going to go balls to the wall on every play.

wow, some1 my breed. same things here.

i agree, its frustrating when the guys behind get errors which force u to get extra outs which is annoying. but you cant just throw them under the bus they are your teammates and there is no “I” in team. just dont let it get to u because it will affect ur game mentally, just let it go and keep pitching, wait till after the game and just talk to the guys. so basically dont think about it because then you will just pitch worse.

Thing that bothers me is that even if you get out of the inning with little-to-no damage after an error is that it taxes you to throw more pitches, and this hurts you later in the game, big time…

Sometimes when there’s an error and I got my good stuff, I actually say to myself “it’s okay, now I get to stay out here and keep pitching” because I love to pitch …

As a pitcher, you only worry about things over which you have control - hitting your spots. You don’t have any control over the umpire’s calls, the obnoxious fans, the weather, the field conditions, or the errors made behind you.


   I decided to go with the "strike everybody out" approach in my next start. I ended up throwing a one-hitter, with 16 strikeouts. And still found a way not to win ending up with a tie 2-2. I threw seven solid innings and still have not got my first win. 0-1-1. I have come to the conclusion that putting it on yourself is the best way. You shouldn't trust anyone more than you trust yourself. This sound like a reasonable approach?

You can only get so far with the strike everyone out scenario. At some point, good hitting teams are going to hit. You may be too good for the league you are playing in. You might need to get into a more competitive league with a new team.

Other coaches watch other teams players especially in select and high rec ball. If you pitch a good game and have a good attitude, they will feel your pain, and maybe make you an offer. A guy that has a bad attitude or who climbs on his teamates does not do himself any favors.

Remember you are not playing for pay ala Jim Palmer who was famous for climbing on guys who made fielding errors behind him. Ian

If you can strike guys out and you’ve got bad fielders, then I say go for it… you’ve got few other good options … you must either have some electric stuff or that other teams hitters are pretty bad … nice job either way…

Another thought I have on this topic that I was thinking about earlier this morning is that when a guy makes an error behind me, sometimes it relaxes me, it kinda takes the pressure off because you can think, well, the next run won’t be an earned run… of course, it is always more relaxing when the guys make the plays behind you, but we must find ways to cope with their ineptitude at times…

Your advice about switching teams is true. But at my high school we are required to play ball for the high school team in the summer. If we do not we cannot play the next spring. So for now I am stuck on this team. And as for being too good, maybe. I am on the JV summer team, which felt like a major demotion(been on Varsity since freshman year). And since they’re are alot of senior pitchers that cannot play on JV it just made since to them. But my sophomore year all winter, I was out because my eye got infected and my vision got real bad in my dominant eye. So I had to adjust and my control has been a little off. I feel now that I am 100% in my pitching, and have told the coaches that. But they feel throwing on JV would be better because I get a lot more innings. It seems all the work outside of practice at home has got my control back.

Sorry, I did not realize this was a school team. You are right in realizing that you are in tough situation with a number of senior pitchers, and most school teams have this proviso about summer ball at least in my state.

Changing schools does not sound like an option at this point, and there maybe other considerations beside baseball. On the ther hand you can use the situation to refine your craft as a pitcher. Work on your change-up and curveball, so that when a break comes to get on a better team you are ready. There is no “I” in team, but there is a “ME”.

You need to get something out the situation other than loses. Choose major league pitcher that has a similiar style, chart his pitches, then see if you can duplicate his outing. This might make it more interesting. Keep working on you. The other guys may catch up.

I would not dis my classamates/teamates. Ian.

I need to comiserate … yesterday I went 4 innings, gave up one earned run and five un-earned runs while stiking out six… half of my outs had to come on Ks … man oh man, when you work to get a guy to hit a grounder, and then he does and he gets on base… it is tough.

I think the strike out everyone thing is a decent idea , but that will only work for so long. Remeber ,when you’re on a team you are there to help your team advance , and that isn’t fully possible unless you have full confidence in your teams ability to back you up.You might win some games off of your good pitching but you will face a team sooner or later that can hit off you so try to have confidence in your teams feilding abilities , if you saw something you didnt like out of one of them calmly ask them what happend maybe you could help them.