Error or not

Friday - I was setting on the bench watching the game. There were runners on 1st and 2nd and our pitcher got the hitter to pop up into right field. The right fielder camps under the ball but doesn’t make the catch - the ball pops out of his glove and lands near enough to him that he picks it up and throws to second to get a force out.

Of course us pine riders start arguing is this an error or just a fielders choice. I said it wasn’t an error because he did get an out (although I don’t think it was the RF real choice). One of the other pitchers said it was an error because the runner at second advanced to third. I figured the runner probably would have advanced anyways since the ball was deep enough. So this wasn’t important (to me anyways)

Our score keeper wasn’t any help - he scored it Error on the right fielder but with a fielders choice???

What do you all think?

Both. The scorekeeper was correct. I’ve seen an awful lot of this sort of play (?) in the major leagues—hardly a day goes by that this doesn’t happen. The fielder’s choice was the force play at second base, and the error (E9) was because the runner who had been on second base advanced to third. :roll:

never thought about that before

Yep, E9 and then the FC 9-4 or 9-6.