Eric Cressey/Cressey Performance

Has anyone gone to Cressey performance/trained with Eric Cressey?

I’ve heard many good things about him, but wanted some other feedback

also how much does it cost to use the facility(just by yourself, no trainer
-do they offer memberships(how much does it cost)
-and how much do individual 1-on-1 training w/ a trainer cost?(half hour, & hour)


I would contact Eric directly about training with him - it’s likely to be expensive, since he’s a high-profile trainer and a lot of professional pitchers are working out in the offseason at his facility.

Eric will be able to answer all your questions - just email him directly. He is a very valuable resource and he’s very responsive to emails.

probably around 75$/hour

You can get a good idea of what he does by ordering the DVDs from the Wolfoth Coaches Clinic. I have seen them, and he is a pretty sharp guy.