Eric 13u Pitching analysis

Eric throws super hard, but has a few mechanic issues. Wanting some feedback please.

when he takes his first step to the side (rock back) in the wind up turn the left foot towards the body to set up his front hip toward home plate sooner.

when the front foot strikes the ground coming out of the stride shift your head forward toward the catcher just before release of the ball, make sure your chest gliding across the front knee ensure lower-back(trunk) extension.

when you tuck your glove allow your head to be closer to the glove-side .

thank you for your reply. Hes got some work to do, but throws super hard.

Big Kid… I would start by working on his upper half. This can and will get better by just having a catch. He needs to extend this lead side out higher meaning his glove, and keep his arm lower until his foot just about strikes the floor. I have a bunch of still shots of pitchers on my Facebook page, search : everything pitching or pitchingU. All pitchers are different but, there are several positions that are common in a good delivery. The baseball on the backside should be below glove level. This will also help hide the baseball from hitters making him more deceptive. For starters I would work on that.