ive been a member for some time now and i must say that since ristar left, this place has been filled with many great discussions.

however the new ristar (kelvin) is really starting to boil some people over. haha kaz seems ready to strangle him/her. i admit though, some of the absurd things kelvin talks about and thinks keeps me (and im sure others) highly entertained.

was ristar really that bad?
i dont think i was here when he was

RiStar was a milder version of Kelv. Both of them enjoy posting, but they’ll never ever admit if their ever wrong.

i dont intend to make people mad

Kelvin…you’re ok, it’s just that you don’t show much flexability in your thoughts and you stick to your arguements way past the point…in some cases at least the last is a good quality…but it is frustrating to people when they make a point and you retort with nothing but the same arguement you’ve been making…even if it’s proved wrong. If you’d open your mind a bit I think you’d find the go a little easier.