Entering a contest, need some help from the community

Hey Guys,

I know I don’t always post on here, and I know that I have a LOT to improve upon in pitching, but on a totally different note…

I just entered a contest from T-Pain in order to be featured on his next mixtape. you write your own verse to a song that he leaves the 2nd verse blank in, and whoever he thinks flows the best he selects to actually PUT in the song. He said to “make some noise” with the entries, so I NEED to know what you guys think and to get some exposure. And with the help I’ve received from this community in pitching, I thought I could with this too.

Thanks guys! Watch the video/listen to the song, and comment on here and on youtube! (and like it on youtube!)


I think you should repost this in the off-topic section. Whatever you stick in doesn’t have to make sense; just swear and sound like Eminem.

this is the off topic section…and I try to actually rap intelligently with good punchlines. I threw one in about nike and another about ray lewis. its actually pretty good

Your delivery needs work.

pitching or rapping or both? I know pitching does

you need more energy when you rap it. its kinda boring cause your just talking

how do I add more energy?

change voice tones

but how? like different emotions or what? I’ve changed it a bit so far