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I am a 17 year old RHP going into my senior year of high school this year. I am 6`2 and weigh 205 lbs and train almost regularly. I was diagnosed with golfers elbow roughly over a month ago and i have taken a month off from throwing. I recently started throwing again and i am slowly progressing back, making sure not to rush anything. I have topped at 81 mph and average anywhere from 77-80 mph. The fall season is bound to end early for me, as i live in Canada and the fall baseball season is relatively short. With that being said, i am planning to work really hard in the offseason with a strength and conditioning program as well make some adjustments to my mechanics as well. My goal for the beginning of next season is to hit 85 mph. Any advice or suggestions on how i can reach my goal would be greatly appreciated (i.e nutrition, certain types of lifts, weighted baseballs, etc)


My concern is your “golfers elbow”, which is really medial epicondylitis, a common pitcher’s elbow problem that may or may not fully heal with only one month off from throwing. I’ve seen many pitchers who need a lot more than one month off to fully recover from it. I would be sure to have an orthopedic doctor specializing in sports medicine evaluate your elbow, and follow his advice on when and how to return to training and pitching. Medial epicondylitis is stubborn and if not allowed to heal fully will rear its ugly head again in the near future.


My son had same issue fall of his freshman (HS) year. So far it’s only issue he’s had & no problems since. Initially he tried to throw through it since a day or so’s rest made it feel fine. Each time it hurt during deceleration when he threw long distance or pitched. Orthopedic prescribed one week of no throwing and over the counter anti inflamatories. Have a friend who’s a Chiropractor that has some sort of laser therapy we let him do. Wish I knew what it was called but stimulated blood flow to the tissue. Came back a week later and waded back into throwing, not an issue since. Just out of curiosity, what type of doctor diagnosed and have you experienced pain since you started back?


My son had elbow inflammation after suffering a relatively minor elbow injury. He got great results getting treated with electromagnetic therapy. Worked wonders. Rest and advil were taking way too long. A month may have worked if it was a minor case but if time away from throwing was all the doctor recommended I would imagine it may come back.


I suffered with this for a year or so. I ended up having to have surgery after cortisone and PRP injections failed. I’m almost two years out and don’t have any lingering issues. Granted, I’m not a college pitcher and this is on my non-throwing arm. But I do run chainsaws several times per week and starting some of the largest ones. is pretty rough on the elbow


south_paw i had an ultra sound done on my elbow and i have had the results analyzed by a doctor and then by an athletic therapist. The therapist said the doctor hit it right on with diagnosing it as medial epicondylitis. I am sorry but i forgot to mention, within the month i took off i had therapy done on my elbow every week and did some resistance band training as well as stretching to assist the muscles around the elbow. Would you still advise to get my elbow checked out by an orthopedic doctor specialized in sports medicine as you mentioned above.


Was this Dr. an orthopedist?


Pitcher17 it was my family doctor who originally diagnosed it but an athletic therapist confirmed that my doctors diagnosis was accurate. I have thrown for 3 days straight taking it very light, 20 throws at 40% at a close distance first, then 25 and 30 yesterday. I took a day off today, and did a light lift in the morning before school. I did not have any pain from throwing since i have started, but my elbow has felt a little sore since my workout. However it doesnt hurt significantly at all, not even comparable to a month ago.

I experienced similar pain to what your son felt, as i couldn’t long toss nor pitch as i felt a great deal of pain. I failed to mention that within the month i took off, i had therapy done on my elbow every week and i did some resistance band work. I had something similar done to me by my therapist except it wasn’t exactly a laser. It did the exact same thing you mentioned in your comment, breaking down the scar tissue and stimulating blood flow.


general practitioner/ family doctor


fearsomefour i too have been treated with similar therapy and it has been working well for me. I was prescribed an NSAID, navo-naprox to be exact and it did no good for me. I forgot to mention the treatment i received and resistance band training i did to help strengthen around my elbow while i took the month off.


Yes, I would see an orthopedic doctor specializing in sports medicine. Contact Dr. Fleisig at ASMI and he can recommend one in your area.


I would want an OS opinion. Even an MRI can miss things. The OS (nor radiologist that read it) didn’t think I had a tear from the MRI he saw. When he couldn’t get my pain to resolve through PT, cortisone, and PRP injections, we decided to open my elbow up and see. It turned out it was a nearly full-thickness tear, torn in a way that the MRI missed. I had a similar experience with my first rotator cuff tear. I also had an ACL that the MRI shown as a complete rupture. It turned out to be a partial (30% tear) that was debrided and I was sent to PT. It’s held up just fine. I wish I could say the same for the other knee.


thank you for your help, i appreciate it.


i will try to find an OS in my area, thank you for your help. It seems like you have went through a rough time and i appreciate you trying to help me out.


If no discomfort now I wouldn’t be concerned but you mention soreness. Based on your downtime & rehabilitation I’d think you’d be fine now if thats all you needed. I’ll join with the others and recommend you get it checked out further. I have read mild cases of tendonitis becoming chronic taking much longer to heal. Hopefully it’s just a minor thing that time and therapy will heal soon.


The treatment he got was pulsed electro magnetic therapy. Not a cheesy cheap stems thing. They used a sleeve that went around the elbow, two treatments and he was feeling about 90%. They are hard to find however.