Energy Drinks

Are energy drinks any good to drink before pitching?
If yes, what kind? Red Bull?

Cocunut Water

Well, it depends on how you react to the energy, if you crash, etc.

The only energy drinks that give me a kick make me a bit to jittery to feel comfortable on the mound and really chill.

Red bull doesn’t do anything more than Mountain Dew for me, but i’ve had my fair share of caffine.

That’s something to play with in practice and figure out if it helps or detracts.

It takes something like 500mg of caffine in one dose to exceed the NCAA limit, so if caffine or something aids you, it’s never gonna really be illegal in your field of play anyhow.

I think that some can be decent, but try to avoid ones with lots of sugar. You will more than likely, if you drink one with lots of sugar, feel bad as the game wears on. That’s what happens to me, so I for the most part stick with water.

I’m thinking of trying a Suger-Free Red Bull before my next practice and see how it goes.

Sugar has the effect to make blood more thick.
And when blood is thick it slows down the blood circularity.

The oxygen that you breathe in circulates through the blood circularity. So the slower your blood circularity is, more problems your body has to circulate the oxygen arround your body.

During a game you don’t want that.

another thing caffeine gives a bad impact on your game to since it stimulates the body to give the feeling you need to piss more.

During a game you don’t want that feeling on the mount. :lol:

I prefer for the game no sugar, no caffeine.
But if it makes you give a comfortable feeling before and during the game than don’t stop using it (but than we speak about the mental side of the use of these drinks).

ciao from the Netherlands

I had day 2 of our tourny on sunday. after the car ride i was feelin a bit sleepy so about an hour before i had a redbull. had to get some energy because we were having a doubleheader. i just sipped on that for 30 minutes. drank pleanty of poweraid and water through the doubleheader and felt great.

Water is the best and as secundary option sports drinks.


How do you like this stuff, I just heard about it recently and have been meaning to pick some up at the store.

How do you like this stuff, I just heard about it recently and have been meaning to pick some up at the store.[/quote]

Haha, I’m in the same boat as you…

You read Defranco’s article about it? Or somewhere else. WS4SB is popular on here.