End of Season Mechanics

I am towards the end of a long season pitching. I got picked up in another league by the worst team in that league so I am getting a lot of innings and I finally got some video of my throwing. Let me know what you think. I wasn’t throwing hard this day, maybe low 80’s, but my off speed worked well. Bottom line though is my velo needs to be better. Let me know anything you see.

You have a huge amount of front foot movement/rotation upon landing. It spins out as your body falls off to the left and you never really get up and over the front leg. I’d suggest you work on getting more trunk flexion generally toward the plate.

Work on being smooth (effortless) until you release the ball, right before you release the ball- explode. So think “smooth, smooth, smooth, explode!” This will help give you a loose, explosive arm action. Also you are cutting the ball off bad. Do some towel drills to work on getting on top of the ball which will give you proper extension. Hope I helped, good luck

DM59, any ideas on how to fix the spin off and get more flexion? I can just try and think about it today during my next men, I am just not sure how to fix the foot issue as it has been present for a very long time.

GP, what do you mean “cutting the ball off”? I will work on the arm action as well.

The spinning of the front foot is the result of postural issues as you move out. You seem to be pulling the back knee forward. Think about directing momentum more toward the plate, land with your weight on the inside of the left foot and bring your head more toward the plate. See if you can get your upper body more up and onto the front leg. You’re finishing with all of your upper body rotation behind the front leg too much. Try the chair drill where you are standing with your weight completely on your left foot and your back foot on a chair behind you. Get the feel of throwing with your rotation all happening over that left leg. You will need to rotate the back leg out behind you and not pull it forward. The upper body and hip rotation may pull the back leg off the chair. You can do it without a chair too. Just throw while completely on the front foot only.

One of the worst things you can do is the towel drill. it teaches artificial extension, considering you never, ever release the ball that far out in front of you. it also creates a disconnect in the body.

You seem very strong body wise, but you do not use your legs at all. when you land,you want your drive leg to be fully extended with your hips facing home and your shoulders still closed, with your chest facing home. Every major league pitcher get this extension of their back leg.

As you can see in your video, you land with your back leg still flexed. you are not getting drive or torque.

so the first thing you can work on is landing with an extended drive leg as a result of a powerful rotation off the rubber. Make sure to keep your glove side closed as long as possible, almost as if you have a barbell running straight through your shoulders towards home plate.

Again, this is science, as proved by the asmi, and you can see it for yourself in the hard throwers of the mlb.

let me know if you have any questions buddy.

I think the foot movement after foot plant is caused by starting on the right side of the rubber and possibly striding to the right a little. As your shoulders try to square up to the plate, you shift your posture to the left to help them out. This gets your weight going to the left and your foot pivots to help support your weight. Things you can do to help this include moving to the left side of the rubber and keeping your head upright.

I also think you don’t get your center of mass moving forward soon enough or fast enough. Consider replacing the slide step with a small knee lift or take the knee back toward 2B while you get your hips moving sooner and faster. This will put more energy into the system which, if you sequence and time your mechanics well, can result in more velocity. The Hershiser drill can help you work on this.

By cutting the ball off I mean you are getting “around the ball” instead of on top. It is near impossible to get any downhill plane and harder to be consistent by doing this. Actually almost every D1 program uses the towel drill as well as every major league pitching coach I’ve ever worked with. The towel drill is used to teach you the proper way to get on top of the ball, which would help you a lot. I like to do some towel drills before I toss and I’ll have perfect backspin on all of my throws. Another way to work on getting on top of the ball and getting proper extension is doing “pull downs” when you come back in from long toss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKSh6G9cnD8 This is a video of a pitcher “pulling down” it is basically a max effort throw with a crow hop, focusing on you “pulling down” on the ball. Just my two cents worth and hoping that I helped!

P.S. overall I think if you can learn to stay closed like the other guys are talking about, I think you will see great gains.

Hey guys, I would like to see what you think about these mechanics as well. I apologize about uploading to a non youtube site, but it just won’t work for me here in Spain, idk why.

Please let me know what ya’ll think. I haven’t thrown since, so it is basically I need to know where to start with my mechanics, as I will build off of backchaining starting immediately.