End of bicep soreness


I did a lot of dumbbell rows the other day, and now two days later I am still sore on the end of my bicep. I feel the soreness when I bring my hand to shoulder and the muscle flexes in that position. Here is a picture to clarify;

Ive heard end of muscle soreness can be a bad thing, should I be concerned?

Should I be concerned by this?


I wouldn’t be concerned right now, but I would work to improve your form. It sounds like you’re getting to bicep heavy with your rows and not really targeting the back. Make sure your elbow isn’t going past your body, make sure your scapula is moving on your rib cage and your core is staying braced.


The bicep soreness created by rows is generally caused by lack of stability in the shoulder. You should focus on strengthening the shoulders and lower the weight on your rows in the meantime.