Emotions on the mound?

I’m often told by some teammates that I should be more vocal and show some emotions on the mound, for example if I strike out a batter in a clutch situation or something and celebrate.
I’m usually quite cool when I pitch no matter what happens but some people are different
You could say when you strike someone out and holler and celerate as they take a seat is great but if they hit a homerun and did a little jig around the bases then you wouldn’t be too happy about that.
what does everyone think?

i try to show no emotions on the mound, no matter if i strike out a batter or if i give up a homerun. the only time i show any emotion is when my team behind me can’t make routine plays. i know everyone makes errors sometimes, but i hate it when someone can’t field a weak ground ball.

Every time the subject of emotions on the mound comes up the talk turns to Joba Chamberlain and Andy Pettitte and their exuberant fist pumps. I don’t see why this should be—these guys are who they are, and every time they get the batters out they do this, and there’s nothing the matter with that. Contrast this with Mariano Rivera, who will make a sour face only when he (rarely) gives up a home run. He is who he is. And those people who say you’re supposed to do this or not do that when on the mound are out of line because the expression of emotion has little or nothing to do with pitching. It’s an individual matter. :greenmartian:

dont show emotion. if its to obvious your getting nervous batters are going to clutch up on the bat and wait for a pitch right in theyre real house. no matter wut thesituation dont get worried. if there are any runners on try to get asinking pitch low in the zone and have faith in your defense.

When Mariano pitches you can tell that he will freeze an umpire and a hitter up at the same time. He loses calls more than the rest of them. But when he throws a close pitch He, the umpire, the batter and everyone in the crowd knows its a close pitch. Every single one of them also knows that Mariano can come back with that same location, whenever he wants to. He knows that he didn’t get the call but he will throw that pitch again, almost always hitting the location and leading to a weak hack or a punch out. How often do you see a kid complain after strikeout batting about a bad call or a pitcher walking someone becuase of a bad call. Mariano has 4 walks in 42 innings. How often do you think he complains about a pitch that wasn’t called in his favor. It obviously doesn’t affect him with a 1.06 ERA and a mere 4 walks.

Well, this is a hard 1 for me. I do show emotion on the mound, but that doesnt mean Im not faking :twisted: . I act like Im pissed wen some1 gets a homerun off me, but my team knows what coming. the next batter think that I’m gonna slip up, and either walk him, or give him an extra-base hit. I thow a ball or 2 2 mess with him, but thats wen I really get started. I usually strike out the rest of the side, but alomst every time something like that happens 2 me, nothing else gets by my team. Basically, if your a good actor, show some emotion, just 2 stick that ball down their throught

It doesnt really matter as long as you dont show dissapointment. Its ok to be fiery and its ok to be stone faced and show no emotion just dont show frustration or dissapointment.

It is in a pitcher’s best interest to show no emotion. That way the batter or the other team will never know what you are thinking. After a game it is fine to be exicted or pissed off. A pitcher has to be solid for his team because he is the one that controls the game. If he starts to get mad or upset that tranfers down to his teamates. Body language is everything. It may be the differnce winning and losing. Just look at Marino Rivera. You never know what that guy is thinking. That and (a killer cutter) are what make him so good.

I think all of us can say at some point in our careers we show emotions on the mound.

Id say its ok to show some if your celebrating but never show it out of dissappointment.

i agree rtbaseball, when i get a big out to end the inning I come off the mound with a big fist pump and yelling, I get real fired up. But if things go bad, show no emotion because you don’t show the other team your shook. You gotta stay confident with your stuff

It’s okay to show some emotion but if it gets too extreme here’s what I always say. (please don’t ban me for this. lol)
“Calm the FUÇK down!”

I love to laugh at batters after striking them out, i suppose because I am such a fan, i picture it easily from an objective point of view. As rude as that is, it’s a lot more enjoyable than it sounds. I do however try my best not to get frustrated when my team makes errors, because it really helps no one to get angry at your own team.

A true athlete should never get mad about errors. If there is someone out there who hasn’t made an error before, they should play more baseball. Everyone makes them so why get frustrated about them? I think it shows more to character when a pitcher relaxes and worries about more batters.

You can always look at it this way. Unless you are in the world series, when someone makes an error you can always get better. Because your facing another batter. As frustrating as it is the more batters you face the better you will be. Now if you have a bad team an error per game play 20 games and that is 20+ more batters you’ve faced, probably more like 30 if it takes you 2 batters to finish the side.

First of all, I doubt there are 14 voters on here that don’t show ANY emotion. Do you guys understand how small and emotion is? The only guy in the big leagues that I’ve seen never show an emotion is Tom Glavine. Nobody in here is as stoic as Glavine. I will also say that showing emotion doesn’t have to be a bad thing either.

Hammer have you ever watched Tim Wakefield pitch? He is the most mellow guy I have ever seen on the mound.

i try not to get crazy but most of the time an ump knows if i dont like the call

The only thing i show on the mound is confidence. Even if i’m not haha. Controlling my emotions is one thing i am good at, no matter what happens.

I am a quiet guy, but in a big spot and my first baseman drops the ball, I usually will get mad but I dont show it. I just take my anger out on the next batter by going after him.

I was reading an article about Mariano Rivera in the current issue of the Sporting News, and he made a very important point: it’s okay to show some emotion on the mound—he does it now and then—but you never, ever disrespect the other team or the game. It just isn’t cool. 8)