Emailing Pro Scouts?


Is it a bad idea to email professional scouts? I’m a freshmen in college and would it be a bad idea to email some pro scouts and ask if they could either evaluate some video or ask what they are actually looking for in a pitcher.


That’s not a bad idea, it’s just wishful thinking.

Scouts have a set criteria, usually at the direction of someone who they report to. Professional Scouts are programed well in advance by the continual feedback of those in tune with the needs of the franchise. It’s a timely business that suits the commitments of ongoing contracts of those already on board, the finances supporting many things, and wants and will of the franchise’s Director of Scouting.

What I’m saying in a nutshell is, scouting is a demanding business that tries to compress just so much of that business, into a very, very limited time and space. It’s expensive and time consuming to dispatch a scout - and there are different scouts for different reasons, to take a look-see of unknowns like yourself.

Ok, lets fast forward this a bit. Some scouts will deliberately go off the beaten path, while traveling to their main objective. They’d watch backwater leagues, church leagues, civic leagues, town leagues and so forth, just trying to spot that one guy that no one else has seen. This “by chance” spotting can be your opportunity - IF - your really good.

I know all this sounds rather cold and impersonal, but then business is business, and that’s how you and everyone else has to look at it. Scouts can’t be everywhere, and their assigned territories can be large. So, there’s a pecking order of sorts that helps every franchise deal with workload. So addressing a franchise of your interests and request to be seen, has to fit into the workload of that franchise and their available personnel resources. So don’t be offended if you receive a nicely worded “thank you” letter, without anything definite as a follow up.

However, if you have the talent and the athletic capital to warrant been scouted - YOU WILL BE SCOUTED. Now depending on a lot of wants and needs of the franchises that scout you, your current and future career in this business could and can, take you in many directions.


My son is a pitcher in college. He does not have to email pro scouts to send video to be analyzed. Every year the college baseball team has what is called “scout day.” This is a day where several professional MLB scouts come to watch the team showcase their talents and abilities. It is a great opportunity to show professionals what they can do and to get their names out there.

Scout Day consists of multiple workouts including the 60-yard dash, batting practice, taking infield and outfield positions to showcase a player’s defensive prowess, and finally ends with a scrimmage where the pitchers pitch to live hitters to simulate game-like circumstances.

This day is particularly special for seniors, because it is their final year to not only participate in scout day, but to also try and show scouts they are capable of playing at the next level professionally.

I agree 100% with Coach Baker, these scouts already have their plates full. If you have a good coach, when time comes, he will help you along with this process. With scout days, the MLB scouts will see you play and if they like you, you will remain on their radar.



Sidearm36, here is a decent link.

In a nutshell as a college pitcher to get on the radar, you need to be near avg or above with your FB. 90 - 91 w life (avg 90-91, 93-95 abv avg). The exception would be if you have some growth potential, projection remaining or are left handed and have feel to pitch with an avg to abv avg secondary pitch or command the snot out of avg or slighlty below avg stuff… This is just to get on the radar as a potential draft or sign after the draft.
To be consider a legit prospect, you need to be low - mid 90’s or above obviously. Posess avg to better delivery and have 2 abv avg secondary pitches. this gets you in the top 3-5 rounds depending on size, command and pitchability. Starters usually go in the top rounds as relievers go closer to 7-10 and later. Unless your throwing 100 then you will be getting paid early.
Sorry for the rushed review but its a solid over view. If you posess these attributes, by all means email the scouting depatrment a brief video of delivery with radar gun verification. Stalker or juggs, not bushnell. lol

Best of luck